Englishtown Antiques & Used Furniture

  • Location: Englishtown, NJ

Have you ever wondered where stockists at the cute vintage boutiques go to get their wares? No, those things weren't left to them by cool blue-haired aunties. Englishtown Antiques & Used Furniture, about an hour outside of Manhattan in the green part of New Jersey, seems to be where all things in the universe are deposited.

If you have some time, casual clothing, and love a good treasure hunt, you can find your own retro items here for a fraction of the price you'd pay in a more curated store. It is a massive space filled with a lot of dust and just about every item you could ever want. I like to stock up on large picture frames and kitschy dishes. On a recent visit, I even found a replacement for my grandmother's broken appetizer toothpick tree. Only in New Jersey.