Eric Manigian Studio

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We can't remember were we heard about Eric Manigian, but we consider him a great resource for all-natural, beautiful, no muss wood design. Sticking to chairs, benches, cabinets and tables, he takes raw wood and applies just a little force to make it useful for domestic life among humans. His statements says:

The work is "a collaboration with wood--letting its nature and inherent form determine the final object. Each piece has its own personality and identity, making every object unique."

And it's true. Speaking with him on the phone, Eric assured me that every piece is different, and that his customers trusted in his skill to work with their requests and shape each board until it found it most creative expression. Every piece is finished by hand with an oil and varnish mixture. In keeping with such care, his work carries high end prices ($1,400 small end table, coffee tables from $2,500-6,000 dining tables from $5,000-12,000, and cabinets from $6,000-12,000), and many of his customers are interior designers. But that shouldn't stop you from calling him up and visiting his studio. He doesn't sell to any stores and will be happy to make something for you. MGR

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