Etcetera Media: Cozy Felt Bags & Home Goods

Store History

  • Founded: Boston, MA
  • Founded by: Kelly Smith and Chris Grimley
  • Headquarters: Boston, MA

ETCETERA MEDIA was founded in January 2005 by Boston-based designers Kelly Smith and Chris Grimley. ETCETERA’S products include tote and shoulder bags, plush toys, and home accessories for both men and women. All of ETCETERA’S products are made locally, by select craftspeople, to ensure the highest quality craft and detail. The felt is three millimeters thick—custom manufactured, colored and imported from Germany—and the fabrics are hand chosen to complement the exterior stitching and felt colors.

No longer relegated to craft bins and children's projects, design studios have given felt a life of its own and transformed this common material into a wide variety of functional, beautiful home accessories and personal possessions. Etceteria Media is one such studio: founded in January 2005 by Boston-based designers Kelly Smith and Chris Grimley, the collection features wine racks, coasters, placemats, totes, book boxes and bowls, all made locally with heavy wool felt.

Always a fan of storage solutions that will blend seamlessly into our decor (and not stick out like a sore thumb), one of our favorite products (currently sold out, probably due to overwhelming holiday demand) is the Book Box, a dual-color storage bin for your books, dvds or other household objects. Priced at $120, it's made from naturally water-resistant wool felt and Danish wool by Kvadrat and comes in 4 color combinations.

Items can be purchased through Etcetera's website or at these participating store locations.