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At FarFetchers we search the world for vintage and artisan made objects which are one-of-a-kind and embody the best of design. We were founded by and for designers. For the last decade we’ve been using vintage and artisan-made pieces in residential and retail designs. We weren't out to recreate period interiors but to push the envelope of contemporary design. We searched the world's salvage yards, antique shops, and flea markets for those unique "knock your socks off" pieces. We ended up with some nice designs but more importantly with a trusted network of dealers, facilitators, agents, and shipping services. The network we bring to FarFetchers started with many dealers in what is the largest market of vintage objects in the world, the Paris Flea Market. If you’ve been there you know that it is huge, with some 3000 dealers covering ten square city blocks. 175,000 people can visit it on any given weekend and so it has a gigantic inventory turnover. But there are also many dealers around the world and in the US whom we call on to be sources when a client calls. So whether you are just looking for ideas or you need to fill out an entire home or retail space. Come shop with us. You never know what you’ll find.

The internet has allowed design lovers access to an unprecedented number of sources in recent years. FarFetchers is a website that finds unique objects in the Paris Flea Market and beyond, and connects potential buyers with small vendors.

Inventory on this site is expansive and impressive, with pieces from every imaginable stylistic era in every imaginable price range. There is also an RSS feed that keeps users posted on new inventory as it becomes available. Additionally, FarFetchers editors write blog posts on trends they notice within the antiques marketplace. It is quite a unique resource for design inspiration, as well as for decorative objects.

Images: FarFetchers