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More pampering. It seems as if the "pampered pet" are the mots de la moment, if you catch what I mean. Here is another notable. Fetch sells gourmet treats, fashionable accessories and even books and stationary for dog and cat lovers.

P. says: Having an animal companion is an important and rewarding relationship I love. Now that my dog is 15 years old the term caretaker has more meaning than ever. I shop my local pet shop for basics and other nyc stores like Spot at 16th and 7th Ave and Fetch on Greenwich for special treats.

NYMag agrees. "go elsewhere for bulk food," they say and " Come here to pamper your pooch with extravagant treats."

Citysearch calls it "adorable" and "Barneys for the canine set" while you get to "Indulge your pet's inner snob."

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