Filthy Home: Pervy Wallpaper from Brooklyn

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Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Ryan Cox
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Inspired by raw, simple perspectives, Filthy Home resonates with vintage flare and modern sensuality. Capturing basic moments in life, both contemporary and historic, we value the unusual and sometimes unspoken familiarities that we all share in the overall experience of being human. Often fueled by those random explosions of creativity, embracing rather than avoiding traditional taboos, Filthy Home will rouse your senses. Go ahead…savor our specialties.

At first glance, these wallpaper patterns might seem tame, but they're filthier than you think. Wait until you read the pattern names…

Ryan Cox worked in licensing at Playboy before — according to his personal life story — he eventually turned 30, "finally recognized he was a grown up, moved into a one bedroom in Brooklyn by HIMSELF, and embraced his inner perv."

Putting his talents for stringing together dirty words to use, he started Filthy Home this year. His site includes a collection of matte vinyl wallpaper printed with non-solvent based inks, as well as artwork and accessories.

The wallpaper catalog entries are even filthier than the titles — they read like Penthouse pages, so don't click through unless you're prepared for some dirty descriptions.

Slits 'N' Tits, $130 per sheet
Me So Thorny, $90 per sheet
Popped Cherries, $130 per sheet
Down Below Strips, $130 per sheet
Fill in the Blank, $90 per sheet
Sex Parlor, $90 per sheet
Designer Sperm, $110 per sheet
Porno Channel Scramble, $90 per sheet
Mounted Buck, $90 per sheet
Periods, $130 per sheet