Finishing Touches Interiors

Store History

  • Founded: 1998
  • Founded by: Anastasia Zhe & Rashid Akmanov
  • Headquarters: NYC Studio

AZR Design Group focuses on high end interior design, art and surface decoration. This company is run by artists with various education backgrounds from US and Europe. Our experience in this field spans 20 years. A diverse skill set allows a wide range of creative possibilities in an interior design project. Each interior is unique, and we take an individual approach paying close attention to details of each job. Our specialties include traditional and contemporary murals, grisailles and trompe-l'oeil's. Traditional luxury plasters like marmorino Venetian Stucco, French Plaster, American Clay and Lime Paint. Faux finishes of different variety: glaze, wood grain, gold and silver leaf. Creativity, knowledge, unparalleled skill and commitment to our projects, is what sets us apart. You will find our work featured in Architectural Digest. We've had may prestigious clients and over the years, they are mostly designers, architects, contractors and private individuals. Also, we would like to mention that our pricing is competitive and sensitive to the current economic climate.

We stopped in at Tipre Hardware for paint chips and wandered into the far end of the shop, where Kim Tipre runs her design business, Finishing Touches.

We asked about her selection of wallpaper books and as we chatted she said some magic words: "If you know what you want, you can just give me the information. I'm happy to order you any wallpaper whether it is one I normally carry or not".

So, if you've done your research and have made a decision on "to the trade" wallpaper, Kim's shop is definitely another good resource as a spot to scoop it up.

Kim was very friendly and has tons of experience.

Over the years she and her husband have done all sorts of design and renovation jobs throughout Chicago.

She says that they have done it all from big to small.

There is no web presence for the business yet - Kim joked that she's too busy keeping up with her clients.

Here are her hours:

Monday and Tuesday, by appointment
Thursday and Friday, 10 - 6
Saturday 10 - 4

(Wallpapers shown: Top - Cole and Son, Bottom - Fromental)