Fire Escape Farms: Helping Turn Small Spaces Into Farms

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Ledges, light-wells and rooftops, oh my! For city folk with country fantasies, Fire Escape Farms offers everything you need to turn even the smallest space into your own little farm. We offer delivery by bio-diesel wagon for all San Francisco orders!

Fire Escape Farms was born out of a city girl’s dream for country living within an urban surrounding. The online store (based out of San Francisco) offers a small but carefully curated selection of functional and beautifully designed edible gardening supplies for small spaces, including seeds, soil, tools, books, and gardening accessories—many of which are locally handcrafted from recycled or sustainable materials. (And isn't their logo just the greatest?)

Fire Escape Farms carries their own lines of seeds specifically chosen for small space city environments. Most of the seeds are organic and/or heirloom, and come from the Seed Savers Exchange. If you're in the Bay Area, sign up for their mailing list to find out about local events, like the upcoming Fire Escape Farming Class (May 24) and the Fire Escape pop-up shops (June-August).


1 The selections at Fire Escape Farms!
2 Faceted Terracotta Geo Planter, $38
3 Haws 1.3 Gallon Slimcan, $68
4 Harvesting Scissors, $14
5 Beet, Chioggia seeds, $2


6 Spun Aluminum Hanging Planter, $72
7 Tin 'O' Twine, $14
8 Gardening Gloves, $5.95
9 The Backyard Homestead, $18.95
10 Spear and Jackson Stainless Fork, $13

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