Fireslate: 400 Tons of Cool Countertop

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Did you behave in high school lab? If you are sweating over what to use as a counter top material in your kitchen, here's something else to think about. You can consider marble, formica, butcher block or FIRESLATE:

Consisting solely of Portland cement, silica sand, water, and fillers, formed under 400 tons of pressure, steam- and air-cured, FIRESLATE is a man-made material.

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Looking alot like the counter tops in your school lab, Fireslate is manufactured in Massachusetts and has a weight that is 40% less than natural stone. It has a dark, rich color, a solid depth of character and no veins. It is also purported to cost less than the plastic design materials on the market. It is true that Corian is not cheap. What ever happened to plastic being cheap?

If you like the look, Fireslate may be for you. They are a small company and they offer intelligent advice as to how to measure and order on their website, so we get a good feeling about this. We recommend checking them out. MGR

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