FS Industries: Industrial Shelving, Worktables, & Carts

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  • Headquarters: Providence, Rhode Island

FS Industries sells "engineered steel products," including work tables, carts, chairs, and shelving. They cater to industrial businesses, but also sell retail products through their catalog, which is listed online.

Headquartered in Rhode Island, FS Industries is a catalog-based resource for shelving, tool carts, industrial seating, and storage.

FS sells "engineered steel products" to businesses, but they also offer retail sales and they're happy to sell you a single stool or shelf, depending on the product line. We called with a few questions and they were friendly and helpful. There are real people with names on the other end of the line; this isn't an impersonal mega-manufacturer.

FS has a variety of steel shelving and carts that would work well in a kitchen, workroom, or home office. If you're looking for seating, check out their huge selection of restaurant chairs and barstools, task seating, and industrial welded stools.

Furniture is made to withstand a beating, and prices are in-line with other industrial suppliers. Although FS posts their catalog online, you have to call to place an order.

1 Drawer Tool Toters, Starting at $336
2 All-Welded Stools and Chairs, starting at $75
3 Stainless Steel Wire Shelving, priced by component
4 Classic Stack Series Chairs, starting at $67
5 Series 2200 Bar Loungers, starting at $250

6 Tool Stand Cabinet and Cabinet Desk, Starting at $253
7 Stackbin Workstations, starting at $500
8 Equipment Stands, Starting at $350
9 Galvanized Cans and Pails, Starting at $9.50
10 Standalone Offset Shelving, Starting at $225