Furniture By Pete: Handmade Without the Homemade Look

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  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Pete Deeble
  • Headquarters: Long Beach, CA

Pete Deeble built his first piece of furniture for his wife when they were still dating. Later, when they got married, he built another piece, a cabinet to cover an ugly water heater. The results were so spectacular, she asked him to build a bed. With the downturn in the economy, he tried his luck at selling one. It sold immediately and the rest is history.

If it hadn't been for his wife, Pete Deeble might never have started building furniture. Though he'd learned woodworking as a kid, working with his dad on the weekends and, later, building skateboard ramps, it wasn't until he was dating his wife that he built something more substantial.

When she confessed to him that not having a table was the reason she ate out so much, he made one for her. Later, when they got married, an ugly water heater prompted him to try his hand at creating something to hide it. The result, an entertainment unit, turned out better than either of them expected and his wife asked for a bed and things escalated from there. With the downturn in the economy, he put an ad on Craigslist. A sale was made and a business was born.

Though he builds all kinds of furniture -- he can copy that credenza you pinned, match that nightable you love or design and fabricate that combination bench and shoe rack you need for your landing strip -- he's come to specialize in mid-century style beds. Turns out that king and queen-sized mattresses were not introduced in the US until 1958 when Simmons started selling them. Since it took a while for them to catch on (and a little longer yet for them to become the industry standard), finding a frame to fit one is nearly impossible. Furniture by Pete is an answer to that wild goose chase. Based in Long Beach, California, you can reach him through his etsy shop and check out more examples of his work on his blog.

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