Furry Paws

Furry Paws

Cambria Bold
Sep 11, 2008
  • Location: New York, NY

For the gourmet diet at lower prices, we've been tipped off to Furry Paws stores, which are all over town.

As one AT reader says: Even though I buy my dog 'fancy' organic dog food, I get it at Furry Paws. It has several locations and more reasonable prices on pet basics.

NYMag agrees, calling Furry Paws "great for late workers" as they are open until 8:45pm on weeknights, and so does Citysearch, which says they "put the conventional milk bone to shame" with freshly baked treats and "organic goods [that] could supply an ashram." They don't quite agree on price, however, citing a bit of sticker shock.

There are multiple locations around the city - and they deliver!

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>>Originally reviewed by Maxwell on 7.14.06

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