Fyndes: Art, Antiques, and Contemporary Design

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Mark Castellino
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles

We started Fyndes when we bought our first house and couldn't find affordable, unique items. Sure we like 1stdibs but our paycheck didn't run that high (sigh). We set about trying to find smaller, overlooked dealers and designers who have an excellent eye, and whose items weren't overpriced. Now we still have the odd item from Ikea and West Elm but we also have pieces which tell a story from the past but aren't antiquated. We hope you find something here to inspire your own lifestyle.

Fyndes is a member-only shopping site that specializes in a unique curated collection of furniture and artwork, including antique and up-and-coming pieces, both high-end and affordable.

Fyndes' philosophy is simple: they're hoping to help you achieve that "Aha, found it!" moment as you browse through their inventory of pieces from established dealers, designers, and artists. Sign up with them and you'll get access to their exclusive online sales, offers, giveaways, and a personal online portfolio to track your finds and post "wanted" items.

Fyndes is a showcase for art, photography, antiques and contemporary designs. Our aim is to provide a central, global marketplace where independent artists, dealers and designers can achieve exposure. We provide a setting in which they can display their collections, as inspiration for home decorators and interior designers.

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