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Here's a take on artwork that doesn't just go "on" your wall, it becomes your wall.

This is a great tip I got from Jane Mount, who was a 3rd place finisher in our 2006 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest. She wanted to give her bedroom the feeling of a "cozy thicket" and create a space that was a retreat from the rest of the apartment...

Being a designer with a good sense of humor and plenty of DIY experience, she covered her bedroom closets (Ikea) with a huge mural that she had made by a company called Gallery Street in Roswell, Georgia (above - the other direction is below).

The picture of the forest is her own. She just emailed them the file and they send back the mural in the size requested.

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>> Jane's Apartment with Slideshow
>> Jane's Website

All images are printed on commercial grade wallpaper, are fade and scratch resistant, wipeable and can come in any size you like. Prices are around $15 per square foot. Enjoy the goofy pics below and think of your own possibilities!


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