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After three years on the market, and worldwide acclaim, the GeekDesk® Original and GeekDesk® Mini (i.e. GeekDesk® “Version 1”) is updated with the most popular requests received from our customers: More powerful lifting capacity, 32% greater adjustment range, even greater stability and rigidity, and available in two colors -- all at the same great price. The v2 is the next step in GeekDesk®’s evolution as a leader in simple, well-designed, high-quality quick-adjustable desks.

As I sit here writing this, apparently I am endangering my health. We’ve previously written about the dangers of working from your seat for prolonged periods, and it should come as no surprise that the human body was simply not made to sit 6-14 hours a day. Well, as I sit here staring at my more proactive co-worker’s adjustable standing desk, I can’t let another day go by without giving it a proper nod here on Unplggd.

Introducing the GeekDesk, the electric quick-adjustable desk. Made with durable steel frame construction and driven by 30-volt DC motors, these desks can easily go from heights of 21” to 49”, depending on the model. The GeekDesk is available in several sizes and can be customized with a silver or black frame and wood veneer or laminate top. Prices for the GeekDesk Version 2.0 range from $749 to $799, and the higher end model, The GeekDesk Max, $949 to $985.

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