Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

In our travels over the past few months, we met a young woman who works for Ghislaine Viñas, who prompted us to go and check out her work. We did, and we really liked Viñas' mix of modern with vintage furnishings and really strong color. Her work is a really good example of someone who knows how to use color for maximum effect, without overwhelming a space. We pulled some really good pics to share with you from two projects...

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These two houses are in NYC. One is a Greenwich Village Townhouse (above and below) and the other is a TriBeCa Loft (at bottom). The gallery up top has all the pics.

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Born in the Netherlands and raised in South Africa, Ghislaine brings a special blend of international sensibility, intuitive style, humor and refreshing enthusiasm to her work. She is driven daily by her passion for interior design especially by form and color. "Color excites me. As a child, I would feel a rush of excitement when opening a box of crayons."

Ghislaine studied interior design at Philadelphia University and moved to New York right after receiving her degree. She fell in love with the city after her very first visit and made up her mind call it home. Ghislaine now lives in New York City with her husband and their two young girls.

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(Pics: Loft - Eric Laignel, Townhouse - Elizabeth Felicella)

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