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Two years old, GRDN continues to inspire. GRDN came about when Susanne Kongoy, a chef, needed supplies for her 5-by-8-foot terrace, and set up shop herself. From that humble beginning, the shop has grown to not only serve the urban gardener, but also to "put nature back into your life," by selling pottery, birdfeeders, glassware and scents that bring the outdoors inside. We've been shopping here and walked out with much more than we expected.

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GRDN's meat and potatoes: potted bulbs and seeds that can be grown indoors or out as well as "the most unique selection of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs in town." But don't be fooled. GRDN is a budding home store as it's sales of books, kitchen and bath items will atest.

(Re-Edited from 2004-04-08 - MGR)

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