Green Furniture Sweden

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Store History

  • Founded: 2005
  • Founded by: Johan Berhin
  • Headquarters: Höllviken, Sweden

Green Furniture Sweden has its roots in Berhin Studios, created by the designer Johan Berhin in 2005. Green Furniture Sweden represents the furniture collection of Berhin Studios. To be green is to use the wonderful materials handed to us by nature, and using them with finesse – sparingly, sustainably, beautifully... Green Furniture Sweden thinks green, from the concept stage to recycling and regrowth.

Green Furniture Sweden represents the furniture collection of Berhin Studios. It was started by Johan Berhin, the designer behind this 'One C' molded wood chair, and now features work from 13 designers, including Amy Hunting, Johanna Hansson, Markus Johansson, and Peter Schumacher, among others, all of whom believe in creating furniture with "the wonderful materials handed to us by nature" and using them "with finesse – sparingly, sustainably, beautifully."

The designers behind Green Furniture Sweden take their environmental dedication beyond just their furniture design: they're also involved in various community organizations and funds to support green design and development, including the The Green Furniture Foundation, which plants a tree for each piece of wooden furniture sold, and The Green Furniture Award, a design competition for outstanding sustainable design. Past winners of this award have gone on to join Berhin Studios' freelance team to work on sustainable furniture design for European brands.

See the full collection currently available for sale online here, or view a list of European retailers that carry the designs.