Modern Paper Goods

Modern Paper Goods (formerly GreetQ) is a Seattle-based greeting card company that enables customers to pick and personalize paper greeting cards and then put them in a "queue" to be mailed out on the designated day. It's a practical yet personal way to celebrate your family and friends.

There's nothing quite as affirming as getting a beautiful card in the mail, especially in this age of instant e-cards. The luxury paper, the handwritten name, the tangible reminder that someone was thinking of you. Modern Paper Goods carries a beautiful and extensive line of cards from some of the best companies, including Masha D'yans, Cartolina Cards, Flaunt Cards, Deluce Designs, Elum, and Egg Press.

You can choose to have your message printed in one of their script styles or handwritten by a member of their staff. Modern Paper Goods also offers gift cards with Vosges Haute Chocolate and Starbucks that you can include with your card. Just create an address book and start your queue, and you'll never miss another birthday!