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Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Kyle DeWoody
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

GREY AREA is the undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art. We love when artists explore limits and blur boundaries, and it is GREY AREA’s mission to present the best of what doesn’t quite fit within the traditional gallery experience.

From tablecloths and towels to mummified Barbies and fake Rolexes, Grey Area explores the woolly space between art and design, while straddling the line between beautiful and bizarre.

Founded by designer/curator/writer Kyle DeWoody, Grey Area brings together the works of both well-known and upcoming names in the art world in a showcase of far-out merchandise ranging from textiles and furniture to artwork and home accessories. These “unique and never-before-seen” items at Grey Area can be purchased at their online store at

If you are in the Hamptons this weekend, make sure to check out their pop-up shop at the
Old Stone Boys Club. For more info, visit Grey Area on Tumblr.

Shown Above
1. Mummified Barbies, by E.V. Day
2. “Andy Dandy” Wallpaper, by Christopher Makos
3. Fake Rolex, by Shelter Serra
4. Colt Table Cloth, by Claude Morais
5. Kyle and the Grey Area team

Images: Courtesy of Grey Area

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