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A number of years ago Martha Stewart had a catalog, which sold some pretty cool stuff. I bought a fair amount from it both for myself and for clients, and missed it when it shut down. One of the best things it had in it was this metal furniture, in various shapes, all powder coated in great colors. After the catalog vanished, I was able to track down the supplier, Pucel Grizzly, out in Cleveland, Ohio and get all the info, which I now share with you...


Grizzly calls what they make "Material Handling Equipment, Workbenches & Storage Cabinets", and if you like vintage American steel furniture then this is a great resource for new stuff. While they cater to factories and industry, these simple, sturdy designs are a funky alternative for use around the house and often copied by folks like CB2 and IKEA. Grizzly makes cabinets, desks, tables and carts in a number of hard finish colors, many of which roll around on wheels.

And the prices are also very good, though you do have to watch out for shipping, since everything's so heavy. Also, want to do something custom and choose your color? Go for it. Grizzly does custom work too.

>> Grizzly Metal Furniture


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