Half Price Tubs

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Snooping around the vintage part of the web, we found Half Price Tubs in Texas (it's actually called Lonestar Brassworks and Clawfoot Bathtub Warehouse as well).

These guys are serious about tubs and stock a number of traditional shapes, finishes and foot options.

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They started out selling antiques, but now they just do reproductions in traditional, slipper and double ended tub shapes. Slipper shapes start at $999, and traditional tubs at $750. For those looking for traditional soaking tub hardware, Half Price Tubs stocks a range of cool, super chrome options as well, with shower wands that will make you want to climb into your bubble bath with a cowboy hat on. (Thanks, Sara!)

(Re-Edited from 2005-02-07 - mgr)

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