Harrington Bros Inc Moving & Storage

Harrington Bros Inc Moving & Storage

May 14, 2008
  • Location: San Francisco, CA

Harrington Bros Inc Moving & Storage... we've never actually used them for moving or storage, only for their 35,000+ sq. ft. warehouse space that seems to always be jam packed with used furniture and the like. In the past we've scored: lampshades, an area rug, office chairs, and kitschy art. Eclectic would be the best way to describe what you'll be seeing upon entering...

We absolutely fell in love with this blue velvet sofa. It was in flawless condition. The price tag? $795.

In addition to their vast inventory of used furniture and art, Harrington's also has a great selection of milk glass, like these hobnail pieces we spotted over the weekend.

You wouldn't know it by looking around the first floor, but Harrington's has two additional floors. Make sure you ask the sales people there how to get up there (the staircase is semi-hidden in the back). Upstairs you'll find tons of furniture.

Our only gripe? The prices. We feel like more often than not they are a bit steep.

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