HD Buttercup

Luxury Furnishings Directly from the Manufacturers

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Went to check out the new H.D. Buttercup at the Helms Bakery on Venice Blvd. The idea behind the store, brought to us by the guy who helped create ABC Carpet in NYC, is to cut out the middleman by buying directly from the manufacturers. The down side is that the space feels less like a cohesive vision and more like a bunch of unconnected vendors.

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The upside is that if you like a one-stop-shop, this is your place, with everything from good Italian kitchenware to Turkish rugs to excellent Lucite end tables. I also saw some great lighting like this crazy, orb-like art piece made with dried coconut strips ($250.00).

All in all, I say H.D. Buttercup is a well-added addition to the Helms Bakery. Sort of our own ABC Carpet without all of the floors. Sorry Big Applers.

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Also, once you’re at the Helms Bakery you should check out the other stores, like Eastman, which lacks the sexy merchandizing of H.D. Buttercup, but carries a much higher grade of imported furniture for similar prices. If you can look past the gaudy you’d be surprised at what you might find. AH


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