Herriott Grace: Handmade with Love

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  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Nikole Herriott

Nikole Herriott lives in Toronto, Canada, and her father lives 2,800 miles away. To stay in touch, they mail each other small packages. Nikole’s father is a craftsman and he began sending her little spoons that he had carved. Nikole loved them and thought that others would too, so she and her father began Herriott Grace

If you're a lover of hand-crafted items for your home, Herriott Grace is filled with one-of-a-kind, beautifully crafted goodies made from salvaged wood. No two pieces are the same, no pattern has been used twice, and many pieces have slight imperfections. It's nice to see beautiful products that stem from such wonderful craftsmanship and care for the human touch.

Products are priced according to how much time was spent creating an object, or the object's rarity. Looks like things sell out fast, I recommend joining their RSS feed, Facebook page, or Blog for updates!

Shown above the jump:
1. Yew ladel, $205. Sold out.
2. Yellow cedar charcuterie board , $245
3. Cake flags, $25
4. Cloud-shaped cookie cutter made in collaboration with a local tinsmith, $20
5. Salt Bowl, $45 Sold out.

(images: Herriot Grace)