A Natural Home

A Natural Home

Julia Cho
May 2, 2007
Have you gone organic? We're not talking about your milk here, or fruit...or even your meat. We're talking mattresses, sheets, sofas, and cribs. A Natural Home claims you really will experience a difference when you sleep on an organically made bed as opposed to a regular bed that is made with chemicals like Formaldehyde and gives off toxic gas. A few of the benefits they say people experience: • They feel better and enjoy being in their home much more. • The furniture feels different and "pure". • Their headaches have been reduced or stopped completely. • Allergy symptoms have reduced or disappeared completely. • Breathing is better and easier. • They have better sleep. Many have had the best sleep in their lives for the first time. • Children have better behavior. Whether you're not convinced or your interest is peaked like ours, A Natural Home has some lovely items for your infant or toddler.

We've never heard all of these words together, but A Natural Home offers a Zen Amish Baby crib inspired by their Amish Asian bed. It's made of hard wood, crafted in Ohio, and it converts to a toddler bed and a bench!

Their "Simply Affordable" line carries an organic crib mattress for $199. It's made on tempered steel with no oils or chemicals, with layers of organic cotton and wool.

They also carry wooden play furniture like this kitchen. It's Amish made of 100% wood. If you're sprucing things up for spring, you might want to think about organic furniture. Let us know if you do feel a difference!

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