Oct 9, 2007

Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Jen Bekman
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

It is a new way to think about buying art, and we like it. 20x200 is a very elegant, Web 2.0 sort of way of bringing people who need art in contact with people who sell their art.

Every week, 20x200 introduces two new works - one photo, and one on paper, each in 3 sizes. The smallest are just $20, medium sizes are $200, and each piece has 2 large sizes available for $2000. At right, Breath Portrait, by Ann Tarantino.

Below, a few more favorites from 20x200.

Below, ny.07.#20, by Jennifer Sanchez. We love the energy in this piece, and of course, the color.

Untitled (Geese, London), by Dana Miller is an archival pigment print.

20x200 has a blog, which gives a little more information about each piece, which is fun. And while 20x200 may be new - it just launched in September 07 - we have bookmarked this site as one to watch. We are always looking for affordable art for our home, and never so much as now that we have a child joining us, and are looking forward to seeing what 20x200 showcases next.


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