Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Jen Bekman
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

Gallerist, writer and entrepreneur Jen Bekman opened her eponymous gallery on New York’s Lower East Side in 2003 with the mission to support both emerging collectors and artists. In 2007, she launched 20x200 online to enable and encourage even more people to buy art, become collectors and support artists. Like the gallery, the site is carefully curated, but 20x200’s name nods to where the gallery and the site depart: 20x200’s signature batch of 8”x10” prints sell for $20 each, in an edition of 200.

It is a new way to think about buying art, and we like it. 20x200 is a very elegant, Web 2.0 sort of way of bringing people who need art in contact with people who sell their art.

Every week, 20x200 introduces two new works - one photo, and one on paper, each in 3 sizes. The smallest are just $20, medium sizes are $200, and each piece has 2 large sizes available for $2000. At right, Breath Portrait, by Ann Tarantino.

Below, a few more favorites from 20x200.

Below, ny.07.#20, by Jennifer Sanchez. We love the energy in this piece, and of course, the color.

Untitled (Geese, London), by Dana Miller is an archival pigment print.

20x200 has a blog, which gives a little more information about each piece, which is fun. And while 20x200 may be new - it just launched in September 07 - we have bookmarked this site as one to watch. We are always looking for affordable art for our home, and never so much as now that we have a child joining us, and are looking forward to seeing what 20x200 showcases next.