Sal de Coco

Sal de Coco

Alejandra Valera
May 12, 2008

We stumbled upon the Spanish-based Sal de Coco Web site and were quite impressed with their fun collection of bedding and room accessories. They love bold colors and patterns -- and it shows. According to Sal de Coco their collection is made with the central idea that you should be able to easily combine colors and mix patterns to create the right look for you.

At the heart of Sal de Coco are its four lines: Acide, Pinkie, Basic and Blue. The Pinkie line features vivid reds and pinks combined with floral patterns and dots.

The Acid line is all about yellows and oranges. The geometric elements in the patterns make the line bold and modern.

The Blue Line takes its cue from nature as owls, fish and lines perfectly decorate all the bedding in it.

Finally, the Basic Line is all about solid colors made beautiful. The colors are quite striking showing they can hold their own against the patterned lines.

We really dig the fact that many of the Sal de Coco stuffed animals match the bedding to help create a complete nursery look.

Although one has to contact Sal de Coco directly via e-mail to find your nearest distributor, we're hoping they be more easily accessible in the near future.

Via: DecoPeques

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