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If you are really into sustainable materials and modern design, IF Green should be at the top of your list. The brainchild of a craftsman, a production manager and a marketer, IF Green designs, manufactures and sells a small range of furnishings that you will not find anyhwere else.

We like their Split-Back Dining Chair made from bamboo($415), the L Chair ($880) and the Deco Surf Dining Table ($1350).

Using a variety of materials, from bamboo to sustainably harvested wood and leather gathered from remnants, IF Green boasts the unusual accomplishment of having only filled "three standard bags of garbage in the last six months." They also take requests: "Tell us what you want and we’ll work to make it so." Pretty cool.

Problems? Most green design still has yet to free itself from some pretty funky shapes that don't have general appeal and IF is no exception. IF Green has one chair, the Sling Back, which has a crowd pleasing shape, but many others may leave readers cold. That said, if IF Green really builds what people recommend, they may solve this problem sooner than others. (Via Sunset)

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