Improvisational Patchwork Class with Denyse Schmidt


Store History

  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: Providence, RI

Craftland was once an annual holiday pop-up shop which began in 2002 but is now a full-time, full-service shop in downtown Providence, RI. We celebrate all kinds of sparkly handmade objects and the people who make them.

After flexing some creative muscle for Home Hacks month in February, we're longing to keep a good thing going and add a few new skills to our repertoire. We'd love the chance to learn quilting and we're doubly excited that this hands-on improvisational patchwork class at Providence's Craftland this Saturday is taught by one of our favorite modern quilters, Denyse Schmidt.

The all-day class is part of Craftland's School of Craft and is for beginning or experienced quilters. Schmidt will discuss her creative process and guide students as they create their own patchwork project. The class is $250 which includes most of the fabric and lunch. Visit Craftland's website for details and to sign up for the class. Schmidt also offers workshops at her Bridgeport, Connecticut studio, visit her website for more information and dates.