Stationery, Electric & Otherwise

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Early adopters only. One of our questions last week was about finding really nice stationery to give as a gift or with which to write personal notes with feeling, style and non-electric fallout. Of course, someone had to write in and turn us on to something completely different. is a regular online stationery store that does very nice monogrammed and designed paper and card stock, but they are also a - hold on here - an email stationary store as well.

In other words, you sign up to become a member ($15) and then you use their website as your unlimited stationery supply in emails. Sounds odd, right? It is, except that the husband and wife team that put this little idea together have actually done a real nice job and the samples they show are sorta convincing.

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Email stationery membership is $15 per year, and sets of stationary run @ $50-$90. (Thanks, NB) MGR

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