ISS Designs: Modern System Shelving

Store History

  • Founded: 2002
  • Founded by: Infinite Storage Solutions, Inc.
  • Headquarters: San Clemente, CA

Infinite Storage Solutions, Inc. is a Southern California based company that serves customers all over the United States. We have customers from Alaska and Hawaii to New York and Miami and every state in between. Whether you always have to use the latest gadgets or want to keep your collection of books on display, ISS Designs has the shelving solution for you. Organizing your office with new workstations or opening a new retail store and want a cool new look? ISS Designs offers the latest in design with your choice of color and finish options. Custom design at an affordable price shipped to you. Shop online and purchase a preconfigured design, order by components or work with our design team on a custom designed system for your space. Our gallery will inspire you and our service will make your design dreams come true. We maintain inventory of our products to provide fast shipping of your order. Even our custom shelves and cabinets can be ready for shipment within 1 to 2 weeks. Email, chat live, call or visit us today! We look forward to providing you with the products and services that meets your needs today and into the future. Sincerely, The Design Team from ISS Designs

ISS there another choice? Yes there is. We have used Elfa Shelving (inexpensive and beautiful) from the Container Store time and time again, and once installed Vitsoe Shelving (expensive and beautiful), but we have yet to find a great shelving solution that fills a mid range price point. Luckily we recieved this tip from Adam yesterday, who wrote in recommending ISS Designs, saying he had bought it and set it up himself, and that you could buy it online. All of this is true.

ISS Designs, or Infinite Storage Solutions, is located in Richard Nixon's old hometown of San Clemente, California, and they offer very stylish, minimal and modern system shelving that can be configured in any number of ways, from housing a large library of books to a small shelving and desk work area. Like Elfa, Vitsoe and Rakks, there system is based on standards and brackets that easily lock into place and can be mounted at any height. Shelving can either be mounted behind compression pole standards or in front of wall mounted standards.

We have contacted them to see where their dealers are in NYC, but we would trust ordering online. This is pretty straightforward stuff. Prices look good, and right now they are having a sale on some of their predesigned solutions. For example the arrangement at right is $621 instead of $828. (Thanks, Adam!) MGR

From ISS:

We do work directly with consumers to help design their shelving. We also can provide a total solution including the shelves and cabinets shipped directly to your readers’ doorstop via FEDEX!

We also do have a local dealer in NYC that has a display of both our pole mounted and wall mounted designs. They are call Astech Closet Systems, Inc. located at 270 West 36th Street (between 7th and 8th). Bill Skinner, the owner of Astech has many years of experience in construction and his firm is able to provide design and installation along with shelves and cabinets. Visit their web site at for more details.