Jack Rabbit Creations

Location: Atlanta, GA
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We first read about Jack Rabbit Creations through the blog of a mother searching for a Jack in the Box toy that was not a clown - a tall order!

Not only did she find a Pirate in the Box, she found many other "in the Box" choices including a cowboy, cowgirl, princess, bear, dog and monkey. More importantly, she discovered a great maker of heirloom quality toys.

Atlanta company Jack Rabbit calls their products "twists on classics" and we think this is a great way to have toys that feel slightly nostalgic to you, but are brand spankin' new. See some of our favorites after the jump.

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Instead of the usual shapes of circles, triangles and rectangles, this wooden sorter is a barn looking to corral in its animals.

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We're suckers for daschund toys and think this one would be fun to put together and take apart and put together...

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We're won over by the beautiful colors of this wooden pull-toy horse (named Macaroni), but the fact that it plays the William Tell Overture is the cherry on top.

See all of Jack Rabbit Creation's products on their website. They don't sell directly to consumers, but you can find out where to purchase their products by clicking here. You can also find many of their toys available through Amazon.