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Old school with a new guy. Walking by John Kelly's shop on Franklin street your eye will be caught by the warm wood and comfortable look of new furniture that seems to hail from an earlier era. No slick Soho shop or trendy Tribeca modern, Kelly is an architect who steeped himself in mid century classics before building his own... which is what makes him interesting.

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With a modern eye and a love of Stickley, Lloyd Wright, Eames and Le Corbusier, John Kelly's furniture is incredibly versatile and appealing to a number of personal styles.

If you are looking for unique, beautifully crafted wood furniture that shows off its find craftsmanship but isn't STUFFY, Kelly is for you.

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Kelly has five collections (J1, K2, Nu, Zeta, Tau), consisting of beds, desks, chairs, tables, chests, wardrobes, and sofas. The J1 is the earliest and the Tau the most recent. Each one represents a later stage of his own design evolution with a continuual boiling down of the elements and simplifying of design. While the J1 looks old world with its cherry and walnut accents, the Zeta is bamboo veneer and cutting edge 2004.

Additionally, Kelly has recently added accessories in the form of rugs, lighting and screens that fill out his quirky and creative vision. If you go by the store, you will also see stunning hand made Amish quilts for sale that don't make it to his website.

Kelly calls his newer collections "medium" and "moderately" priced, while the rest are not mentioned and therefore beg to be tagged "high" priced. We will append specific prices later. MGR

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