Just Launched: Threadless Prints

Store History

  • Founded: 2000
  • Founded by: Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Threadless is a community-centered online T-shirt store run with two retail locations in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to community-designed T-shirts, they sell prints and artwork by members of their online community.

Local Chicago design wonder site, Threadless recently added a new collectible & usable product to their lineup - now instead of printing on tees it's on paper. Prices are good, the printing is done locally and new prints will be added each week...

...all good stuff.

Eleven are available so far, and new prints will be added each week. Here are some favorites...

Shown above the jump: More Reasons Not To Go Camping by Chris Thornley

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Poker Hand Values by Tan Nuyen
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Victor Terrintop
by Nicholas Tassone

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Downpour by Scott Giblin

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Infinity MPG by Ross Zietz

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Permafrost Pollution by Victory Hachmang

...but we thing they are all interesting. Sizes are 18x24 and editions are of 250.

A bonus: a group of cool Chicago printmakers are involved in doing the actual screenprinting: The Post Family, Mat Daly, Sonnenzimmer, Screwball Press and Dan Grzeca.

More info or to order: Threadless Prints Catalog

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