Kaboo in Chicago

Kaboo in Chicago

Janel Laban
Sep 20, 2006

Competition for Craig? Last month, a friend sent an invitation to join Kaboo in Chicago, a free online classifieds site. We responded but haven't gotten into it yet. Have any AT readers used Kaboo? Let us know...

There are 8 main categories for Chicago: free stuff, for sale, housing, services, stories, community, romance and events and classes.

From their "about us" section:

"If we thought craigslist would be the only ones providing free classifieds online, we'd be happy to cheer them on and go work on other socially responsible online ideas. But the big, public Internet companies have the online classifieds business, and craigslist, in their sights. At the same time, craigslist isn't innovating quickly on their technology or feature set or accelerating their growth beyond basic word of mouth and PR. Soon, one of the huge Internet companies -- missing the stewardship gene -- will be #2 to craigslist, and then perhaps #1. We'd like Kaboo to offer you an alternative to that future: a free, easy, colorful service combined with honest stewardship, real social awareness and a healthy disregard for the bottom line.

So please tell your friends and neighbors about us. Our goal is to make a difference in the world, town by town, so that in 10 years, we all look around and say, "I'm glad it's Kaboo and craigslist and not someone else."

End of monologue. :) "

Check it out: chicago.kaboo.org

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