KangaRoom Storage

Store History

  • Founded by: Jeff and Karen Block
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California

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As much as we're fans of homebrewed storage solutions, sometimes a great product is what it takes to tame your clutter. KangaRoom Storage has plenty of clever products and has recently launched a line of storage accessories for kids and babies, aptly named Joey and Jane.

Perhaps too cutesy for some, but right up the alley for others are these cupcake storage bags. The lower cake portion unzips for access while the top icing portion is on a drawstring. They're sold as a set of two for $20.

If you're hyper organized (or like to pretend you are), you might like these 5-shelf organizers which come with pre-printed day-of-the-week, activity and blank labels ($30).

Here's the baby version of the Bucket Boss. Load the changing caddy ($15) up with all your diapering supplies so you can change on the go instead of returning to your changing station every time (or great if you've foregone the changing table altogether).

One of their most useful pieces comes from their Classic line - the corner hamper. A great way to use underutilized corner space in a room or closet, it comes in two colors and costs $30.

Find more storage options for kids and adults alike at KangaRoom Storage's website.