Kate Sanger Furniture

Kate Sanger Furniture

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 7, 2007

We don't care that Kate Sanger is in the UK, we're blogging her anyway. What is it about the Brits that they make the coziest bedrooms? And how many women do you know that design awesome wood furniture like this and below?

We found Kate Sanger on one of our errant Google image searches (in which we never avoid looking up wierd, interesting stuff and stay focused on the job at hand).

While we don't know much, Kate's furniture designs consists of beds, cabinets, tables and benches - every one of which is simple, beautiful and finely, finely crafted. We particularly like her English Oak Bed, pictured above.

Kate can be reached at kate_sanger@hotmail.com as well as at 44 1983 756202, and we wish her all the best!

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