Kaufmann Mercantile: Everyday Items Built to Last

Kaufmann Mercantile: Everyday Items Built to Last

Emily Smith
Feb 18, 2011

Store History

  • Founded: Fall 2009
  • Founded by: Sebastian Kaufmann
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Founded by Sebastien Kaufmann in 2009, Kaufmann Mercantile offers a collection of everyday classics — tools, kitchenware, home goods, gardening supplies and accessories — designed to stand the test of time, and in time, become classics themselves.

Name/Title: Alexis Shubin/PR and Creative Manager

Open/launch date: Three and a half years ago we launched our shop with eight products. Adding an average of two products every week, we’re now at 500! But our goal hasn’t changed: to offer an alternative to the superfluous, to scratch beyond the surface, and to spend an awful lot of time to find what seems right and good.

Inspiration for opening: Finding, curating, and selling quality goods, while educating people on what it is they’re actually buying, is Kaufmann Mercantile’s mission. In 2009, we set out to change our disposable lifestyle by offering quality goods at reasonable prices. “Most of the things in the world now can be obtained, but what makes them truly special is who made it, how it was m