Keith Haring's Online Pop Shop

We had the pleasure of seeing Christina Clausen's inspiring The Universe of Keith Haring over the weekend. Sadly, Keith's Pop Shop (above), one of our favorite interiors, closed a few months before we moved to New York, so we were never able to experience it in person.

Thankfully, through the Keith Haring Foundation (the same foundation that resurrected his mural at Houston and Bowery this past May), the Pop Shop lives on through the internet, and still carries quite a few products, many of which are for the home. After the jump, a quick round up...

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From left: "People" and "Wolf" Coatracks ($75.80, $59.80), Black and White Cubolibre ($231.64)

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From left: "Dog" pillow ($43.60), Black and White Quark chair ($190.76), Rududu "Baby" table ($190.74)

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From left: "Angel" Quark chair ($163.50), "Men With Heart" ceramic vase ($103.56), Gold "Angel" pillow ($43.60)