LA Maid Service: Good Maids

We had never used a maid service before we needed help cleaning out my grandmother's house in Glendale. And then we needed a lot of help. Armed with nothing more than the yellow pages, we crossed our fingers and started dialing. Half the services didn't pick up, the half that did were questionable. We hit the jackpot when we found Good Maids.

They came in as a team of 2 and absolutely attacked the place (in a good way, we swear). They scrubbed walls, they scrubbed vaulted ceilings and the insides of cabinets, they dusted and mopped. They did it fast and, we must say, they did it carefully. There was a lot of wood in that house that needed to be cleaned carefully and they respected that. They'll use whatever cleaning agents you prefer (just have them on hand) and take direction well. They certainly don't skimp. We haven't used them for regular maintenance, since we try to keep up with that ourselves, but if we ever have a big job again, or just don't have time to clean a place ourselves) we're calling Good Maids. Ask for Irma, she'll take care of you.