LA Store: Baoku Inc: Chinese Antiques

  • Location: Culver City, CA
  • Website:

Just down the block from Berbere Imports is another warehouse, this time full of Chinese Antiques. Though not quite as big as its neighbor, Baoku Inc is piled high with furnishings from China and all over Asia. We're curious if anyone has bought from them since we noticed that nothing had a price tag. We figure it comes down to negotiating...

They carry an incredible selection of antique chairs, dressers, vases, foo dogs and prints. Everything was in good shape and there were a couple of absolutely stellar pieces. The woman was very helpful and we definitely got the feeling that depending on how much we wanted to buy the prices would change. They have a pretty extensive inventory on their website as well if you want to check it out. Of course, no prices here either! Anyone else have experience here?