LA store: Old Chicago Antique Market

  • Location: Fountain Valley, CA

It's a holiday for many of us, and something that's always fun during a holiday is to go vintage shopping! One of my favorite places here in Orange County is the Old Chicago Antique Market in Fountain Valley. It's only two exits away from South Coast Plaza, so if you find yourself headed there, it's worth a little side detour to peruse this 16,000 square foot antique mall...

Over 98 vendors are located inside, and it's filled with all sorts of treasures. What I love best about this mall is that most vendors are not tied to a specific genre. There is everything from mid century modern, art deco, vintage americana, to country-cottage chic. The emphasis is mostly on small accessories and tchotchkes (there are a few large pieces in some booths, but not many.) Honestly, there's all sorts of random going on, but that makes "the hunt" all the more exciting, and the overall pricing is really good, with many vendors having sales. It's right off the freeway on Euclid, in between the two freeway entrances.