LA Store: The Sofa Company

Store History

  • Founded: 1998
  • Founded by: Nick Ostroff, James Hwang, Peter Lien
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

In 1998, three college friends started The Sofa Company to finally make the processing of purchasing a sofa fun, fast and simple. Along with the motto "you design it, we build it" came the promise to continue to innovate the selections available and make the process of buying a sofa enjoyable for residents throughout Los Angeles. With showrooms in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Downtown LA, Redondo Beach, and a factory clearance center in Commerce, we now can say quite confidently that we have the largest selection of styles, sizes, fabrics, legs, sofabeds in the city. 1-2-3 Process--In our new, easy 1-2-3 process, you first style it, then cover it, and then accessorize it. All made in California. As you see throughout our site, we are quite proud of the fact that we produce our sofa line in the good ole USA and more specifically, Los Angeles, CA.

The thing with sofas is that they come in standard sizes. When our friends moved into their new apartment, it turned out that the sofa they'd been eyeing would not fit into their new space. They decided to have something made but none of the quotes they received fit either their budget or their timetable. Then they discovered The Sofa Company.

Start with any of The Sofa Company's basic models (there are over 65 to choose from), and change it -- shrink it, stretch it, swap out the fabric, nix the arms, choose the legs, the springs, the wood -- until you come up with your perfect sofa, chair, sofa bed, or sectional. They're built locally, so the costs stay low, and most orders can be delivered in only two or three weeks -- or less! And, if you pay by debit card , $5 will go towards their "Charity of the Month." Check their website for details.