Laboratory Tops

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Back to school. Gita from Thread Collective showed us a job they did in Brooklyn, where all the kitchen counters were a dark, soft black. Slate? We asked. No, Labtops. Oh, you mean like Fireslate (the counter tops that got harsh reviews a few months back)? No, Labtops. Real laboratory tops.

Laptops are the real deal. Epoxy resin counter tops and drop in sinks that are heat, flame, chemical and, of course, stain proof. They come in a small range of colors and are molded in large sections and then cut down to your specifications.

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As for looks, they are buttoned-down, clean, modern and elegant and offer a nice alternative to the usual suspects: tile, granite or Corian. As for price, we suspect they are economical, but am waiting to hear back from Gita on what their experience was. (Thanks, Gita!) MGR

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