Lancelotti Housewares

  • Location: New York, NY
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Dept. of Small Gems. Forget the riots over Tompkins Square park, the East Village is full of pretty things and people who just want to nest. Lancelotti Housewares is a small store that is blazing a trail towards home improvement with fashionable housewares for urban dwellers. MGR

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Reader SG says: Lancelotti packs more desirable things of varing degrees of utility per square inch than any other homewares store I can think of.

The style is colorful, fresh, mostly mod. They stock a good supply of Mrs. Meyer's great smelling, cutely packaged, all natural cleaning products, Dwell sheets, wood veneer lamps and tons more. Lots of affordable luxuries and small splurges packed in from floor to ceiling.

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Warning, the cornicopia effect of all this in such a small space makes you forget that these prices can add up.

NYMag says: The focus here is stylish New York apartment living.

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