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When Alayne Patrick was opening Layla many years ago, she asked us for help. She didn't need it. Alayne's sense of style and attention to detail are so refined that we had little more to offer and, instead, learned a great deal from her...

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Alayne's shop, Layla, is an exquisite blend of housewares and clothing for the world shopper. One of the things we learned from Alayne was how good Ralph Lauren's white paint collection was. In her home and her store you will see an amazing use of various wall whites set against deep browns in the floor. Visiting her, you will come away with more than products.

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A longtime film stylist, Alayne's shop is the fruit of her passion and her travels, conveying the warmth, color and simplicity that comes from mixing styles of north and south. While clothing dominates, you will find pillows, throws, artwork and textiles that will add pop and life to your home.

You can see more pictures of Layla in Domino.

>>Originally reviewed by Maxwell on 7.5.07 (10 Comments)


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