Le Pink & Co.

Le Pink & Co.

Gregory Han
Mar 12, 2007
Store closed

Sometimes Calgon just isn't enough to take you away. Sure, plain old Ivory is a fantastic daily soap, and there a plenty of excellent organic and scent free bathing and beauty products for your everyday needs. But what about when you want to treat yourself something special and relax, rejuvenate, and treat your skin to something a bit more luxurious?

Le Pink & Co. originally began as an apothecary in Echo Park's Chicken Corner, but has moved to a more visible location smack dab in the middle of Silver Lake's Sunset Junction.

The shop's vintage bent is apparent from the get go, with its hand lettered signage and striped awning, hinting of an age when proper ladies perfumed and powdered while dapper gents applied tonics and talc before heading out on the town...

The store's vintage French Provincial shelves and display cases are stocked with harder-to-find soaps, powders, cremes, salts, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, scrubs, and other beauty products from both local and abroad, everything looking as beautiful as it smells.

"We carry a lot of stuff from lesser-known companies that aren't big enough to be sold in Sephora," says owner Laura Walden. "Or, maybe don't want to be sold in Sephora."

Vintage era photos, Avon products and beauty supplies play nice with the candy jars and apothecary bottles decorating the store, distinguishing itself from their chain counterparts. And there's even a small selection of old timey candies in the back to pamper your sweet tooth, and the staff offers full facial and waxing services.

Our favourite bath products at Le Pink & Co. are these darling animal shaped soaps from Gianna Rose Atelier, especially the fresh smelling La Petite Tortue, which comes with it's own porcelain lily-pad soap dish . There are also poodles, pooches, and cats to choose from. A close second was a hamburger shaped bathing set; the foam buns, patties, and other fixin's are packed with soaps that come in condiment packaging. Like the rest of Le Pink & Co.: tasty, yet tasteful, and very sweet!
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