Le Prince Jardinier

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If you are nuts about gardening and want to get sucked in by some French gardening chic, we recommend combing through the webpages of Le Prince Jardinier or stopping by one of their shops when you are next in Paris or London.

A funky, expensive store (with good sales), Le Prince Jardinier "was founded by Prince Louis Albert de Broglie in 1995 and produces products inspired by the gardens of the Chateau de Bourdaisiere in the heart of the Loire Valley."

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We had a little gardening orgasm in the shop as we pawed traditional gardening tools and tried on the clothing to complete the look. You won't find any of this in the USA, except for a few small stores (including the New York Botanical Garden) that carry a few of their things.

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We particularly liked their spartan metal rake (44euro), their bamboo handled pruners (70 euro), their Louis the XIV watering can (240 euro) and, of course, their Bonsai pruning set which fits in your pocket (35 euro). MGR

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