Learning Materials Workshop: Constructing Knowledge

Learning Materials Workshop: Constructing Knowledge

Mat Sanders
Sep 2, 2011

Store History

  • Founded: 1979
  • Founded by: Karen Hewitt
  • Headquarters: Vermont

With all the high-tech gadgets available on the market today, its nice to see simple, beautifully crafted toy makers still doing their thing. Drawing on both historical designs and personal experiences, this Vermont-based toy designer creates award-winning block toys that put fun in functional.

Founded in 1979 by Karen Hewitt, Learning Materials Workshop seeks to create classic open-ended building toys. Using her experience as an artist, educator and toy historian, Hewitt designs simple blocks and construction toys that promote learning in playful forms.

Inspired by block sets designed and manufactured in the late 18th century as well as building blocks from her own childhood memories, Hewitt has created a wide variety of fun and beautiful toys starting at around $20.

For more information, visit Learning Materials Workshop over at Marketplace.

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